The company Feerum S.A. is constructing a novel object. It will consist of two flat-bottomed silos with a total capacity of 21,834 m³, four hopper silos with a total capacity of 3794 m³ and car loading silo.

In addition we will built two new dryers with capacity of 1200 t / day with recuperative.
What does it mean? Thanks to the patented solution spiral countercurrent heat exchanger ventilation (Patent No. PL209476) new dryer ensures:

- Reduced energy consumption of the drying process of grain
- Reducing grain loss caused by rotting grain stored in silos
- Reduce the cost of maintaining commercial premises through the use of recovered heat to produce hot water and room heating will be possible to reduce the cost of maintenance by 20%
- Increase the amount of separated impurities
- Reducing power consumption when drying grain by 20-30%
- Shortening the drying process

Furthermore, the use of a spiral counterflow heat exchanger eliminates the occurrence of adverse effects, and will achieve better performance. The new product with new technology significantly stands out the best products available in the global market.

The complex will be operated by loading- unloadng devices with capacity 80 and 130t / h, while control will be carried out automatically.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the European Union under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.