For cleaning, calibration of grain and different loose materials (including seeds). The separate large, small and light contaminants form the main medium. The clean light contaminants (lighter than the cleaned grain) such as: chaffs, dust, and small heavy contaminants such as: sand, small weed seeds, small crumbled seeds and thick (larger than cleaned seeds), such as: hay, ears, stones etc.

We can offer following cleaning machines and their additional equipment:
  • Feerum 40 (productivity of preliminary cleaning: 40t/h)
  • Feerum 75 (productivity of preliminary cleaning: 75t/h)
  • Feerum 100 (productivity of preliminary cleaning: 100t/h)
  • Feerum 150 (productivity of preliminary cleaning: 150t/h)
  • Feerum 200 (productivity of preliminary cleaning 200t/h)
  • Control panel with inverter
  • Aspiration of drum sieve
  • Cyclone
  • Venitilator
  • Air channels


Falsework is a support construction. Cleaning machines are installed on it. We can differentiate them because of kind of cleaning machine and type of additional equipment.

Because of kind of cleaning machine we differentiate:
  • Feerum under cleaning machine falsework
  • Other types of under cleaning machine
Because of type of additional equipment we differentiate:
  • Standard construction
  • Construction with possibility of add pollution container to 10m³