Our company has done research about implement innovative, ecologic and Energy saving grain dryer equipped with heat recovery and dedusting system. Our project has succeeded. Grain dryer works since October, 2015 in our demonstration object in Chojnów. It work properly and beginning of its work was a crucial moment. It has created new technological possibilities. We are the only one who offers such grain dryer and it definitely exceeds our competition’s models.

The most important features of our up-to-date grain dryer are:

• Lower energy consumption during drying process - approx. 20-30% lower power consumption during drying process beside the best technological solutions used in this sector of industry

• More abstracted impurities – due to dedusting system it is possible to abstract majority of volatile impurities which get into air during drying process

• Reduction of noise emitted by grain dryer by approx. 30%

• Lower weight of dryer by approx. 10-15%