High-quality production requires appropriate conditions. That is why our company is equipped with up-to-date machines fulfilling the world’s standards and can produce quality grain elevator units and elements.

Due to innovative solutions (i.a. Computerized Numerical control) our machines provide high precision and high quality products. High precision has a significant impact on products parameters and their reliability. The result of this is lower failure rate and lower cost of exploitation of our customer machines.

Feerum S.A is one of the few silo manufacturers in Europe who made their product with corrugated metal sheets with thickness of 2,5 mm and with hardiness of 600 Mpa.

Due to this solutions our offer is very attractive for customers what confirm their opinion according to which, our products can well compete with products of foreign competition. Moreover, our machines does not work at full capacity. It gives us possibility to the further development and increasing production.

Our significant advantage is fact that we produce software of our products in ourselves.