Square Grain Silo FSB

It was designed to wet and dry grain storage. It is perfect for short-term and long-term storage. Usually used as a spedition silo. Unloading of it is simple and quick because of fanner. There is a possibility to build concatenation of silos with saving the space cause in this case silos can stand one by one. A special construction enable us to create a battery of silos (more than two). Modular design, families of vessels.

  • In offer one can find silos with fanner angle of 50°
  • Dimension of axles: 3,94x3,94
  • Capacity from 42 to 58 tons (one container)
  • Made from galvanized metal sheet
  • Made with screws 8.8 hard
  • Ladders and connecting bridges guarantee safety and comfortableness